ISSUE - Coming Home

Rob served as a South Marple Little League director and president of Villanova College Republicans in the 1980’s.  He went door-to-door to support Congressional candidate Curt Weldon and walked down Pennsylvania Avenue with busloads of Delco families to celebrate Curt’s start in January 1987.  The Jordan family and many local leaders got Curt’s tour of Capitol Hill that day and a sense of pride in the importance of our district.  Rob will return that vigor and pride to the office and provide true leadership for the community as Congressman. 

ISSUE - Expand the Trump Tax Reform

Democrats voted against the recent Trump Tax Cut reforms – and worse – have committed to REPEALING them.  Rob is committed to not just keeping them but enhancing tax cuts – especially in the area of SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME (double taxation) and to increase the Middle Income Deductions Formula.  The Trump Tax Reform has been a rousing success providing added income and job opportunities for our citizens.  Democrats don’t hide their intention to raise taxes on virtually all of us.

ISSUE - Grow our Manufacturing Industry Zones

Local Democrats took credit for the Boeing contract extension recently (4,500+ employees and local supporting businesses) – but it was the Trump Administration who made this happen!  Rob will support the Administration to continue expansion of the manufacturing base of our local industries and vote to provide funds for more dredging and port expansion.  Our Riverfront industries can boom again as more manufacturing returns from overseas and our Refinery zones can produce safer, modern fuels – with the right leadership and incentives.  The PES refinery was the largest on the East Coast and the loss of 1,500 local jobs is a pain point that will be fixed.

ISSUE - Public Health and the Opioid Crisis

Safehouse tried a stealth opening of their first Safe Site Drug Injection facility at the former Saint Agnes Hospital on Broad Street recently.  Thousands of local citizens took to the streets and contacted their representatives and the plan was thwarted at the last minute.  But Safehouse will be back to target other residential neighborhoods.  These facilities are inhumane, illegal and degrade the quality of life for all the neighboring citizens.  It is not a solution for the Opioid Crisis but we need better Public Health policy and more treatment options. 

ISSUE - Health Care Delivery System

Our region counts some of the best hospitals and physician groups in the world – patients flock here from all countries to enjoy our medical innovation and expertise! Medicare for All is not the solution to the growing cost of health care services.  Government administration of health care is a scary prospect – rationing of health care takes decisions away from our citizens and health care professionals.  I will maintain and improve our current health care delivery system for the well being of all family members.